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Eltham Green Community Church

Serving our community

We love our local community

Come and enjoy a great coffee, tea or hot chocolate at Fresh Ground Coffee House.  Or bring your child to Jumping Beans. If you are older you will enjoy Songs of the Sixties.  For the teens there is Youth Cafe.   Starting soon is the Food Club, a great way to get fresh food at a very low cost.

All our activities are designed to serve and to share with our local community.  Covid has caused some of our activities to stop but we will be restarting them as soon as we are able.

We look forward to welcoming you!

A youth club for secondary school age children within term time.  Enjoy some table tennis, pool, console games or just hang out with some cards or board games.  Catch up on your home work, whatever you need to do.

Covid has shut this down, but we have now re-opened. 
Come down and see us at 3:30pm on Wednesday.

Open 3:30-5pm Wednesdays

Food On Our Doorstep

Good-quality food at a low price

Family Action has launched Food On Our Doorstep (FOOD) clubs in Greenwich to provide families with good-quality food at a low cost, while also reducing food waste.

It costs just £1 a year for your family to become a member. Once you’ve joined, you can purchase a bag of tasty food items every week worth approx. £15 for just £3.50!

To become a member you must live or work within 15 minutes of the club.

Where and when

Eltham Green Community Church
542 Westhorne Avenue,
London SE9 6DH
Fridays from 7th May 2021

For more details go to Fresh Ground Eltham website. 
Every Friday from 9:30am to 11:30am

£1.50 for first child and £1.00 for next children